Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend adventures 52

This weekend was way too much fun. Like really, too much. I am dead now. Back to back nights up until 5am and only a couple hours of sleep will do that. But I would expect nothing less of a birthday weekend in Portland with GD friends I don't get to see too often, including Fran.

friday night
I drove up to Portland right after work (terrible downpour the entire time) and was so relieved when I finally made it to Megans apartment. We had dinner reservations at a Vietnamese restaurant, so I freshened up and we were out the door. Dinner was delicious! I need to remember the name of it. They specialize in pho, which I personally hate with a passion, but this particular place had a lot of other noodle dishes to choose from, so I went with one of those.

After dinner we headed to a bar called Triple Nickel to chill out for a while and meet up with a few more people. Around midnight we relocated to Good Foot for some dancing. They play all 70s music Friday nights, funk, its awesome. I wish I would have taken pictures at TN when everyone was around, but I did get lots of shots while we were dancing at GF. When the bar closed down we were all hungry again so we went to The Hot Cake House for some breakfast. That place was packed but I am definitely happy we stopped to eat at least before going to bed. Sam took me home and I finally crawled in to bed with Megan around 5. ZzzzZZZzzzzz.

[[ at good foot. ]]

For some reason I was wide awake at 8:30. We laid around in bed for a couple hours though before getting up/dressed and heading downtown with Megans mom to get some breakfast and then to a bookstore called New Renaissance on 23rd. That place was huge and had so much yoga/healing crystals/incense paraphernalia it was highly entertaining. I bought Colleen the most fabulously designed birthday card there to go with her theme and found her a really pretty Spirit Animals book. By the way, they had an entire section. Me and Megan also both bought mood rings, and "Good Karma" charms for our cars. Why not?

We had to stop at Fred Meyer to get a few more costume items and then went back to Megan's apartment to finish up with our outfits before starting to get ready. Our makeup took a long time, but it was fun. I love dressing up! My eyes were ok, but the eyelashes I bought to wear were perfect! Megan's eyes turned out awesome as well. I was really really happy with how our outfits came together overall. Eventually we made it to Colleen's place and most people were already there, perfect. The rest of the night was all pictures, dancing, talking, hugging, and being super silly with good friends.

[[ breakfast. ]]

[[ spirit animals book. ]]

[[ getting ready. ]]

We had all crashed at Colleen's place so it took us a while to get going and eventually some of us ended up back at The Hot Cake house for some real breakfast. Then it was time to say goodbye, back to Megan's, nap time, and around 4:30 I finally started my tedious drive home.

((( I am going to throw up pictures from the party in my next post, so here is a teaser. )))

[[ spirit animals preview polaroids. ]]