Tuesday, February 28, 2012

spirit animals party

As promised, here are my pictures from Colleen's Spirit Animal Birthday Party last Saturday. Sorry they are mostly of me... there were other cameras floating around too, but no one has posted anything on Facebook just yet. I might do an update if there are some other good ones. :)

[[ some spirit animal costumes. ]]

Tiff took polaroids of everyone so I hope she throws them up soon because they turned out awesome. I did not get any pictures of Colleen!!! (Sorry lady). I am going to try and do some recapping... 

Jenn: Red Fox / Megan: Raccoon / Tiff: Deer / Colleen: Crab / Sam: Panda / Fran: Skunk / Ricky: Seal / Joe: Bear / Morgan: Elephant / Whitney: Unicorn / Nicole: Bunny... There was a cute pink flamingo too, some tigers, more bears, a kangaroo, Colleen's brother was a bat, and Jason is wearing a Wildcats jersey or something? He thought he could get away with that. I say lame. Also, Colleens crab hands were hinged and she could actually grab things!