Thursday, February 23, 2012

super hero party (2009)

In honor of Colleen's Spirit Animal themed birthday party this Saturday, I thought I would go back a few years and recap some of her previous parties, which are always some of my favorites. 

In 2009 we were all seniors in the design program at OSU and busy busy busy all the time. In class one morning me, Tiff, and Colleen were talking about her upcoming birthday over the weekend, and decided that we should throw her a party! We decided to go with Superheros, and the rest is history, we have had themed parties every year since.

After class we hit up the dollar tree for decorations and started working on our costumes. The requirement was that everyone either dress as their favorite super hero/villain, or make up their own. The party was a huge success and everyone got super in to it! This is one of my favorites of all time. Check it out.

(The quality is a little fuzzy, but then again, these are from a couple years ago and mostly off of Facebook)

[[ pictures from colleens superhero birthday party, 2009. ]]

I dressed up as the villain Poison Ivy (not my best work, but I was going off of the old school comics), and Pat was The Tick (like his muscles?). Other heros of note are Hunter as The Flash, and Francisco as Wolverine. Tiff was Shera from Heman and her (now) husband Jason was Handcock (the movie had just come out). We also had a Snuggieman (Ricky), Sharkman (Sam), Supersexy (Colleen), a Powerpuff Girl, Quailman from Doug, and lots of others. 

Sorry you can't really see any of the decorations... we made an awesome wall filled with "POW", "ZAP", "KABOOM" and other such comic book phrases.