Wednesday, February 22, 2012

midweek inspiration 35

The rest of this weeks posts will be devoted to Colleen's upcoming themed "Spirit Animals" birthday party. Me and Tiff started the costume party tradition for her in college, and this will be its fourth year, each with a different theme in mind. I will go back and recap on them tomorrow and Friday.

I decided to dress up as a fox (the cunning trickster), because I thought that its attributes and coloring suited me pretty well. :)

I am in the process of making my ears and tail and still need to pick up a few things to complete my outfit, but I thought I would throw up some of my biggest inspirations. I am definitely taking a more abstract approach and will be layering lots of earth toned clothing to go with my ears/tail. I will also be relying heavily on makeup, though I think if I have time I will make a mask as well just in case. 

1. baby fox from Pinterest (original source unknown). 
2. close-up fox from Certiroari
3. The Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume by Sea of Shoes 
4. Woodland Creatures Series by Fawn & Feather 
    (My main inspiration. 
    I sincerely wish I had the time and talent to make that hat/mitten
    combo for this weekend!!)
5. Fox Mask by Michelle Clement
6. painting by Charmaine Olivia
7. little deer from Pinterest (original source unknown).