Thursday, September 29, 2011

our 'new' place (tour) :: part I

Me and Pat moved in to our own place back in June right before we went on our New York trip, but I have not done a post yet to show our little house off. Any new home is always a work in progress, but I like the way things are coming along. A few more empty spaces and blank walls to fill and it will be perfectly imperfect in no time. (This will be a two part post).

living room
Our living room is a huge mish mash of misc. items we have collected over the years, and some of our favorite books and things. We have Egyptian prints, masks from the Bahamas, a Tahitian weapon, and Mayan inspired calendars from Mexico all hanging on the wall. I use antique glass candy dishes to collect misc. items like keys and sunglasses on the glass table by the front door. I also have two lawn gnomes up there to greet people, (we have had issues with them being stolen in the past). We also have some of my random paintings spread throughout the house. And what living room would be complete without a ton of classic novels, design books, comics, an antique typewriter, an assortment of Buddha figurines, and a painted sugar skull? (The brass carousel figure I have has since I was a little girl).  

kitchen // dining room
A kitchen is a kitchen. Pretty standard. Although, Pat has a pretty impressive collection of Rogue bottles that adorn the top of our cabinets. (Thank you high ceilings). The kitchen is pretty small, but we love our island and all of the open space! We used two skinny bookshelves to display all of our glassware (wine glasses and such) and to serve as our liquor cabinet, as well as to display some more of Pats bottles. 

the office 
Though Pat would like to point out that I do not actually work in my offices that much, I do love having them to display all of my projects and store my art supplies. I have been wanting one of these bookshelves from Ikea for a long time, and I finally went and got one for myself. It is perfection. A great place for all of my random items. (And of course, hanging above the shelf is our signed Deftones album and prized possession). 

[[ part one of our new place. ]]