Thursday, January 8, 2015

my week in pictures 83
christmas week :: part 1

monday 12/22 - thursday 12/24

Every year me and Pat do a ton of running around during the holidays because we have to many different houses to visit. This year was no exception. This is part one of our mini Christmas vacation. I will post the rest of our weekend adventures tomorrow.

This year we started in Brasada with Pats mom, little brother, step brother and his two little ones. We had a really delicious dinner, played a lot of dominos, and chased the kids around all evening. In the morning we exchanged gifts and then headed for Tigard to spend have Christmas Eve at my moms.

[[ christmas eve eve with pat's mom: beautiful brasada skies. little ones. maddox opening his captain america present (he was super excited). pat playing with the kiddos. annual group shot (for the record, pat's mom bought and made me wear that silly sweater). 

We got to my moms place the night before Christmas Eve, so we were able to run some errands during the day before picking up my Grandpa for dinner. It was great to spend time with everyone, stuff my face with mashed potatoes, choose our white elephant gifts, take some Pocketbooth pics, and watch Christmas Vacation as is tradition.

[[ christmas eve with my mom: fancy table set up. exchanging white elephant gifts. watching christmas vacation with the fam. pocketbooth fun. ]]

After the Christmas Eve festivities, we headed over to my dads to get our special PJs, which were hilarious this year (as usual), and then to my friends place to spend the night. In the morning we "got dressed" and went back over to his place in time for presents. Santa brought me and Pat a GoPro this year!! I am SO excited to start documenting our adventures in a new way!!! While we were all exchanging gifts I gave my sisters a special present asking them to be my bridesmaids, and Destiny to be my "flower girl", which she has been asking if she could be for years now. Literally. They all agreed of course. Afterwards, we made breakfast and bloody mary's, and then lazed around for most of the day (still in our PJs). Eventually we all got started on dinner, and then finished the night off with a giant game of Cards Against Humanity (I won!) and a jammie photoshoot. Notice the guys's excellent butt flaps. Pat's reads "Moose Caboose". 

[[ christmas day at my dads: my outfit. opening presents. destiny's spanish dress from jenna. the boys making bloody mary's. leah doing some groping. tree! posing in our jammies. family nap time. dinner feast. playing cards. pepe, tahlia's super overweight chihuahua. group shots in our fabulous/ridiculous getups. ]]