Friday, January 9, 2015

my week in pictures 83
christmas week :: part 2

friday 12/26 - sunday 12/28

After Christmas we stayed in Portland for the weekend and ran around town. On Friday we did a little beer tasting on the Eastside, which lead us to HUB, Ecliptic, Storm Breaker, and Prost! for some German varieties.

[[ my dad's cat uno in all of his glory. beer tasting: hub for lunch with the fam. ecliptic. stormbreaker. pretty east side street mural. wandering around. lion?! sampling german beers at prost. watching rudolph, our final christmas movie of the year. ]]

On Saturday we went out wine tasting with Megan, her little sister Anna, and boyfriend. It was a super rainy and gloomy day, but the fog and raindrops were actually really beautiful. We went through Carlton and Dundee visiting Selena, Du Ponte, Seven of Hearts, Domaine Serene (where we tried their $75 bottle of chardonnay and then bailed because they were blatantly ignoring us), and Stoller. We wanted to hit a few more in Carlton, but most of their tasting rooms were closed for some reason. 

[[ rainy day. salena. beautiful mural. wandering around in carlton. du ponte in the old fire building. seven of hearts. megan being zoidburg. beautiful fog rolling in thick. domain serene. wooly mammoth? wandering up secret stairs like rebels. eerie trees. posing at stoller. christmas shot. ]]

After wine tasting we headed back to Portland, freshened up, and then went downtown to dinner with my family. Our table seriously keeps growing and growing every year, and this time there were 13. We went to Irving Street Kitchen again, and as always, the fried chicken and butterscotch pudding were amazing. I also turned everyone on to one of my favorite beers, Duchess de Bourgogne.

[[ dinner at irving street kitchen: pat/me. me/dest/leah. leah/nick. johnathan/tahlia. kain/meagan. jenna/nic. dad/patty. table shot. ]]

On Sunday morning before heading out of town I grabbed brunch and pop rock mimosas with Megan and Tiff at Swift. I also asked Tiff to be my final bridesmaid, and Megan to be my maid of honor. She cried, and it was amazing. Now I have my whole side of the wedding party! All my proper ladies. We should probably get to securing the guys now... After brunch we headed back over the snowy pass to our little home. Another successful Christmas. 

[[ rain drops. sunday brunch at swift: silly menus. pop rock mimosas. eggs over brussles. my favorite ladies. gift exchange. bridesmaids notes. rain to snow on our gloomy but beautiful drive home. ]]