Friday, August 22, 2014

my week in pictures 65
pat's bday // brewfest weekend

monday 8/11 - sunday 8/17

Last week was all about Pat, and beer... lots of beer in honor of his birthday. 

We basically started off Pat's bday week on Wednesday with the IPA Wars at 10 Barrel, which was a blind tasting to rate the best IPAs by region. Central Oregon won, followed by Washington, the rest of Oregon, and lastly California. While we were there we bumped in to the owners of Pfriem in Hood River and Pat showed them that he was wearing his Pfriem shirt, so they ended up taking a picture of us and putting it on their Instagram. Pat was pretty excited. One kind of crummy thing about the week was that it was pretty much all rain and thunder/lightening storms, so while we were tasting various IPAs we were getting soaked! I have never seen it rain that hard over here. Thank goodness for our Columbia rain jackets, but my poor boots got soaked through! I guess I put a hole in them at Smith Rock while we were taking our engagement pictures... oops.

On Thursday we went to day 1 of Brewfest for a bit in the evening with Hayden, Maggie, and Sam who were in town for the festivities, and then bumped in to Braydon and Rory before Tony and Alex showed up later. It was still damp and pretty cold out, but at least there was no torrential downpour while we were out this time. Later that night Sam brought her puppy Rogue over to our place, so we got some puppy play time in too!

[[ weekly storms. downpour at 10 barrel. we're famous! ipa wars. brewfest night 1. silly group shot fails. puppy play time! ]]

Friday we packed up and got ready to move in to the vacation rental that we had booked for our large incoming group. We had not necessarily planned on making it to Brewfest that day, but we had about an hour to kill, so we showed up for a little bit to experience day 2 before getting back to the house before everyone started showing up. Throughout the rest of the night, our group of 21 arrived and we just hung at the rental, which ended up being perfect for everyone. Luckily the rain had stopped also and we got awesome weather all day Friday and Saturday.

[[ brewfest day 2: live art. custom mustache mugs. the biggest moth ever. we're awesome. ]]

Saturday was Pat's actual birthday (Happy Birthday babe!!!) so we all rolled to Brewfest day 3 with the most ridiculous set up ever. We seriously established a compound with our own corn hole set, lawn chairs, blankets, hydroflasks filled with ice water, and even a quick shade. It was awesome. We were in the amphitheater almost until closing playing games, tasting everything we could get our hands on, and sampling some food cart goodness. Finally we gathered everyone and cabbed it back to the house for the night. When we got back me and Megan put our cupcake plan in to action and presented Pat with some pretty sweet superhero cupcakes (if I do say so myself), and then, as you can imagine, the rest of the evening was a blur of Cards Against Humanity, hot tubbing, drinks, etc. before we all went to bed. I had also made Pat a sweet bday shirt (as requested by him) for Saturday that said "It's My Birthday Pour Big" and I was told it actually worked a few times! 

[[ brewfest day 3: pat & his bday shirt! corn hole. bros. bff. group shot attempts. a weird selfie of the random guys taking the pictures for us. group shot wins minus a few people. epic superhero cupcakes! ]]

On Sunday we all packed up/cleaned up and then headed to breakfast before most of the group split for home. We had a few stragglers so we decided to go float the Deschutes and then had a BBQ at our place while the sun set. Sunday night there was a massive storm over Bend and I stood outside for about an hour filming the sky to catch some sweet lightening shots. I got a ton, but the one below was definitely the best! Thanks to Alex for standing outside and staring at a blank sky with me for so long.

[[ floating with friends. yes, i wore this pirate hat ALL DAY LONG. ]]

And check out the sweet video below of the lightening storm!!! If you turn up your volume you can hear the thunder roar in too. So pumped I caught this one as it snaked across the sky. I shot this from our driveway.