Wednesday, August 27, 2014

my week in pictures 66
my birthday

monday 6/18 - sunday 8/24

Last week was a bit of a recovery from all of the Brewfest madness the week before, so as you can imagine, my birthday weekend was much more mellow in comparison. I made it through my work week, bowled with some friends on Wednesday, went to a little "girls night" on Friday and then celebrated a bit Saturday and Sunday.

[[ bowling with the dinans - i am terrible, but definitely had the best bowling ball ever, which was way too heavy for me. sweet new workout pants. ice cream! pretty little heirloom tomatoes. ]]

On Saturday me and Pat tried brunch at Jackson's Corner and then headed to the Farmers Market at NWX, which was admittedly smaller than I anticipated, but I still got to try the ice cream truck I have been stalking online called Addy Mac's. They make everything from scratch using as many local ingredients as possible and have really unique flavors, often incorporating some of the brews from around here. I ended up getting a waffle cone of their coffee ice cream and it was by far the best I have ever had. Ice cream = happy Jenn. After that we sat outside of a little wine bar for a glass, went home and relaxed on the hammock, went for a walk around our hood, made a delicious scallop dinner, and drank some wine while we watched movies. Super relaxing Saturday.

[[ farmers market. finally getting my ice cream on!! ]]

We were a bit more ambitious on Sunday, which was my actual birthday. In the morning Pat let me sleep in, made me macadamia nut waffles (yum!), and then we walked to Pilot Butte and did the full hike, which is exactly what I wanted. We stayed at the top a bit longer than usual soaking up the sun and then made our way back down to get ready for the day. Pat had made dinner reservations at Pine Marten Lodge on top of Mt. Bachelor, but we had a little time (and were both getting a bit hangry), so we ran by Boneyard to get our free birthday hats, and then to Crux for a beer and some lunch.

[[ friday night's scallop dinner. bday breakfast! pilot butte hike. beautiful wildflowers. the city. my free birthday hat! ]]

Afterward we drove up to Bachelor and I experienced my first ski lift ride to get to the lodge. I, disliking ferris wheels for their height, was totally freaked out, but it was actually a really fun experience. At the top we grabbed drinks and then met our friends to take some pictures before dinner. The dinner was so so, as expected, but the uniqueness of the evening was worth every penny. After watching an amazing sunset and finishing our meals we called it a night and headed back down the lift. Despite it being August it was absolutely FREEZING at this point and I was thankful that they gave out blankets for the dark ride down. I am also thankful that the ride down was completely dark, because despite that adding a bit more of a fear factor, I was unable to see the 40ft drop directly below us, and the much larger one in the distance. Plus, nighttime lift rides are kinda romantical. Kuddos to Pat for planning out the night! I had an awesome time!

[[ the ski lift. scurred selfies during the ride. views of the sisters and broken top from the lodge. cheesing it up. reflection shots. the amazing and unobstructed sunset from 7,775 feet. my dinner. goodnight. ]]

Here is a little video I took of the ride up before my phone was too full. Pat took a really funny one also of me kind of freaking out (with excellent commentary by the way), but I don't have it in a high enough quality to post right now. You can find it on Facebook though.

Oh yea, I also ate ice cream almost every single day this week. I am not sure if that is winning or loosing, but I think I'm ok with it! Ok, ok, I have eaten it several days this week too... This is why I NEVER have ice cream cartons at my house! Way too tempting.