Monday, August 18, 2014

a little sneak peak of our engagement session

Last Sunday me and Pat spent the evening with our fabulous photograher Haley Lovett wandering around Smith Rock in entirely inappropriate hiking clothing, and pretending to like each other.

It was so much fun! At first we were both a little bit like, "um... where do we put our hands!?" but then with commands like "ok, grab his butt" and "pretend like you are whispering something in his ear", which lead to inappropriate whisperings and tons of laughter, we definitely started getting the hang of things. Despite the mid 90's heat and the wind making my hair completely out of control (I think at one point I even said "that's it, I'm buzzing it.") we are confident that Haley got some amazing shots. But then again, with the dessert scenery and canyons in the background, how could she not?!

Below are a few of the previews we have received so far. Based on these four I am SO excited to see what else she has for us!!

[[ some preview photos from our engagement shoot. ]]