Friday, August 15, 2014

location scouting at smith

Last Saturday me and Pat spent a little bit of time at Smith Rock scouting for possible shooting locations for our engagement pics which took place on Sunday. 

First of all... yea, yea, yea, we have been engaged for three years already, but who doesn't want a photoshoot still?! Second, the reason scouting was important is because every time we go to Smith we go for the purpose of hiking Misery Ridge, and although the views at the top are beautiful, that was not exactly something we were willing to attempt in 95 degree weather while we were all dressed up. 

We explored some new areas that were absolutely stunning and now we totally want to go back and hike some of the other trails! I had no idea there were even so many. The scouting ended up being a great idea as we used many of the locations and I am so so so excited to see our photos... but more on that later. I will have some previews for you next week. :)

[[ location scouting at smith rock. ]]