Thursday, July 17, 2014

my week in pictures 60

monday 7/7 - sunday 7/13

Last week Pat was in Phoenix for work, so I had a few dinner dates after work to keep me occupied during the week. I met Gera at Worthy and then the girls from work for Mexican in Tumalo. While we were enjoying margaritas I met a silly old Frenchie named Bernard who was there with his people which obviously made my obsession for looking at puppy pictures increase once again.

My weekend was pretty packed though I didn't get a ton of pictures... Friday night I picked up Pat from the airport (yay!), Saturday we had to attend a work function which actually ended up being really fun and we closed out the evening playing Catch Phrase with my bosses boss.

Sunday we had some friends over for a BBQ in the afternoon to watch the World Cup finals and then got ready to go to my co-workers Housewarming/Birthday Party. Right as we were about to head out this insane downpour of giant hail started. It was nuts, I had never seen hail that big. Naturally the boys needed to go play in it yelling "ow!" over and over again while I took pictures and videos... The hail also broke a ton of our pretty flowers which was a bummer. But mainly... hail... in July?!

Eventually we made it to the party where we had drinks, a delicious dinner, and watermelon cake. The end.

[[ pretty flowers on my afterwork walk. dinner & drinks with gera. dinner in tumalo. bernard. another late night airport run. new earrings finally. saturday lunch at crux. the hail attack. poor flowers. watermelon cake. amy's pretty backyard. paella. the home tour getting weird... ]]