Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my week in pictures 61

monday 7/14 - sunday 7/20

I only have a few pictures from last week, and surprise, surprise, almost all of them involve food or beer. Its not my fault, I am just a product of the town I live in (and Pat is an amazing cook!). We went to The Lot for dinner one night since neither of us could decide what we wanted and gave The Brown Owl food cart a try. Seriously yum. I got a rice bowl essentially, but Pat got a fried chicken sandwich with a fried egg on top and just the chicken alone was amazing. We will certainly be back.

Over the weekend Hayden came in to town with Magdalena (Maggie) from Germany (who speaks better english than many people in the Southern states in my opinion) so we did a lot of brewery hopping. We also made it out for a little sunbathing on Saturday where I attempted to get tan... no dice.

Oh yea, you might be wondering about the Grandfather Clock photo that I snuck in there... I will dedicate a full post to that one of these days. There is definitely a story behind it.

[[ halibut and sweet onion dinner courtesy of pat. the brown owl. grandfather clock. kabobs. hayden is a weirdo. a little pool time. deschutes. crux. goodlife. playing with my hair too much, it seriously stayed that way. saturday night cocktails. ]]