Thursday, July 10, 2014

my week in pictures 59

tuesday 7/1 - sunday 7/6

All of my pictures from this week take place outside, which is kind of funny, and pretty awesome! We could never spend this much time in our yard in the valley since it was always raining (often enough in the summer too). By the way, when did summer happen all the sudden?!

Last week me and Pat spent a lot more time in the yard planting, watering, bbqing, reading, relaxing. It was pretty damn good. On the fourth we lazed around in the morning before having some friends over for a BBQ and heading down the street with our neighbors to watch the fireworks over Pilot Butte from a nearby park. It was nice to be able to just walk up the street to see them. As promised, Pilot Butte did in fact catch on fire... as it apparently does every single year. But don't worry, unlike my last fire story the trucks were ready and waiting for such an incident this time and promptly responded.

We spent Saturday and Sunday being totally lazy bums, and we absolutely loved and needed it. We laid around on the hammock, read, planted some new plants, and then ended up going out to Brasada Sunday to soak up some sun in the pool. Not too shabby for a weekend at home, and I felt much more refreshed and ready for the week on Monday because of it. Finally!

[[ sunset from last week i couldn't resist posting. crazy purple flowers. hanging in the yard as much as possible. flower print pants. pink sky. hop vines at crux. lazing around on the 4th. bbq. fireworks (and fires) over pilot butte. lighting off some of our own pat found. more pretty things popping up in our yard. sunday pool day. ]]