Thursday, March 13, 2014


On Thursday 3/6 me and Pat headed to Portland to see TOOL at The Rose Garden (Moda Center). This has been one of Pat's bucket list bands for a long time, so he was REALLY excited about it. The show was pretty nuts... For starters, I have never been to a concert in such a large indoor venue before... I am more used to grungy little ones where you and the stage are right there, aside of course from Warped Tours of yesteryear, but even so, this was nutty. Also Tool is huge, so just to be able to actually see them was pretty sweet.

The concert was definitely interesting, and pretty much what was to be expected. For example, insane visuals and lights flashing everywhere... think major sensory overload. In terms of the actual performance, they sort of came on stage, said "What's up?", started playing a well constructed set of some of their most popular songs, jamming in the middle so that it was unclear at first when the next one began, finished their set, got off the stage, and that was it. A bit impersonal for around $100 a ticket, but I guess we should have known since we are talking about a band who's frontman has been known to be a major oddball who shies away from the spotlight as much as possible. So much so in fact, that this was their first tour in seven years. Speaking of Maynard... While the band members were illuminated, he stayed behind in the shadows silhouetted throughout the entire show. I think I got a glimpse of a bleach blonde mohawk once or twice, but that was about it.

I will say I wish they could have played a longer set... with no openers or anything it seemed like an extremely quick concert and I think we were all left wanting a bit more. BUT All in all I am super glad that we got to experience such a hugely influential band in what will probably be one of their last US tours ever.

Cue the pictures! 

[[ crazy visuals from the tool concert. ]]