Wednesday, March 12, 2014

my week in pictures 43

monday 3/3 - sunday 3/9

I took some time away from My Week posts to travel and write about my car accident and other not so pleasant recent events, but without further adieu, I will resume my normal setup. As a side note, I do have all of the NOLA pics ready to go, I just wanted to let some things get back to normal around here before I started posting, so look out for those to finally pop up next week. 

The first week of the month consisted of some more snow, yummy dinners at 10 Barrel, Rat Hole (I know the name is ridiculous), and Arianna. On Thursday afternoon we headed to Portland for a Tool concert (which will have its own post tomorrow), and were able to meet up with a bunch of my friends before the show at Bunk Bar. I wish we could have stayed longer because it was so good to see everyone! Saturday we headed out pretty early, but grabbed some lunch with my dad at Kornblatt's first, my favorite Jewish deli! This time I went for some breakfast with lox and a homemade bagel instead of my usual hot pastrami sandwich. Of course I still had to get the latkes and some pickles, they are a must.

As we headed home we found out that our evening plans were no more, so we decided to make an impromptu trip to Hood River, which neither of us had ever really explored. We went to Double Mountain and PFriem, and took in a beautiful sunset before heading the rest of the way home. I really really want to take a weekend trip here now to meet up with some Portland people soon! It is such a cute little town. And the food at PFriem was delish! On Saturday/Sunday we began our car shopping... Such a long process...

[[ snow... again... yummy weeknight dinners. arianna. worrrking. long lost friends! tool! lunch at kornblatt's. haunted house on 23rd. heading to hood river. multnomah falls. double mountain. that sunset! pfriem. saturday morning breakfast. car shopping & "the thing". sunday attire. ]]