Wednesday, March 5, 2014

perspective & recent events

Last week was a rotten, no good, very bad week (not simply a day, as the story goes, although one day was a major contributor).

Pat was gone again for work, in Canada this time, so we were hardly even able to communicate with each other. I was sick with this horrible rattling cough and sore throat combo that I brought back from New Orleans. Both of my ears were completely plugged and I had so much head congestion from multiple plane rides home that I thought I was going to burst. Work was extremely hectic and demanding (naturally, after being gone for a week). The weather was cold and icy. Oh yea, and I got in a car accident on my way to work when I slipped on some ice and slammed into a truck, totaling my precious little black Subaru. (Me and ice are not friends).

Things were looking pretty down last week. 
I'm not going to lie, I cried. A lot.

[[ poor little subey - the damage. ]]

Although we now have a major car situation to deal with, and I am still in mourning, this week is already infinitely better because I picked up Pat from the airport late Sunday night and got a long awaited hug before we made our way home and talked about the weeks events. The power of a single hug is truly amazing.

Recently someone posted this little quote on Facebook, and though I normally do not repost these types of things, I found this one relevant to my current situation.

I promise to try my best to think positive. Its true that a car is just a car and I, somewhat miraculously, came out completely unscathed with not even a scratch on me (as did the other driver involved who's truck came away with only a dent). And for that, I am extremely grateful. Keeping things in perspective is absolutely essential.

RIP little black Subaru (2006-2014). 
We had many great memories and adventures together, and its going to be really hard to replace you. (Yes, I'm talking to a car... I am a very sentimental person). 
[[ heres a super old school/awkward picture of me & pat shortly after he first got the car. i have no idea what im doing with my hands... ]]