Monday, February 24, 2014

new orleans :: sneak peak

Here is a little preview of our trip to New Orleans. I will be editing the pictures this weekend and hopefully instead of waiting months to get these done, I can actually start posting them next week!
Wish me luck.

[[ my first of many flights. day 1: architecture, cafe du monde, jackson's square, oysters for days. beautiful homes in the garden district. lafayette cemetery no. 1. audubon park. frenchmen st. some of our best meals. the dirty mississippi. ]]

Also, before I got there I sent Pat to one of the places on my list for friend chicken, Willie Mae's Scotch House. Here are the pics that he took... As it turns out I kind of sent him to a bad part of town, but he said it was delicious! 

[[ pat's trip for some fried chicken. ]]