Monday, February 17, 2014

headed south!

Its that time of year, when Pat leaves me for a week or two for NBA Jam Session where the company he works for handles all the merchandise.

Usually I am super lonely while he is gone, not to mention I usually get sick... on Valentine's Day, how lame is that?! But this year is a little different... When I heard that All Star was going to be in New Orleans I knew I had to talk him in to staying a little longer so that we could explore the city together. Reluctantly I did get him to agree, and I am super excited to fly out today and spend the week adventuring in the "Big Easy" itself (people call it that, right?). 

I have been busy compiling a list of places to visit, and thanks to Google Maps, I have them all organized and ready to check out. I am really excited for some unique meals, and hopefully a bit of a culture change since this will be my first experience with the South.

Today is going to be a long day of traveling... but tomorrow,  I will be enjoying a beignet, lots of photo ops, and yes, probably some day drinking. Not that we are total lushes or anything, but exploring less touristy spots, grabbing a drink, and talking with some locals is a great way to experience a new city. Plus, you can drink on the street there... I have to give that a shot. (Oh yea, and this year I was finally NOT sick on Valentine's Day! Curse broken).

[[ sweet vintage map i am using for a project at work. ]]

I will be back in about a week with lots of pictures!