Friday, February 14, 2014

happy murderous winged baby day

I heard someone call it something like that and I thought it was hilarious. I mean, the baby DOES have arrows after all... I wouldn't trust him. 

I am actually pretty excited for today (despite Pat being out of town, as usual) because: 
1. I am not sick for the first time in several years!! (I have been dealing with a bit of a Valentine's Day curse where I always have a cold of some kind over the 14th) 
2. Guenther is coming to town tonight so I get to have some girl time this weekend! We are going to make a "fancy" dinner, drink "Valentine's Day themed" wine out of ridiculous glasses (you will see what I mean later), and watch Mary Kate & Ashley movies... "Why would anyone in their right mind want to willingly watch those horrible things?!" you may ask. Because they are the perfect amount of cheesy girliness that no boyfriend, fiance, or husband would ever allow in his presence. Oh yea, we will probably eat a fair amount of sweets too. 

[[ a silly thing i just made for some reason. ]]

Happy V-Day Y'all!

P.S. Why did I just say "y'all"?? That was weird... I think I have been reading WAY too many posts from bloggers who live in New Orleans lately. It could also be from working on menus for one of our properties in South Carolina (suddenly I want fried chicken)... Hopefully I will never have to put you all through that again. No promises.