Thursday, February 13, 2014

my week in pictures 42

monday 2/3 - sunday 2/9

I have one word for you... SNOW.
Snow, snow, snow. So much snow(ing) this week, non-stop for three days, and I loved it! In fact, almost all of my pictures are of snow, because we got 18 inches and I was pretty much snowed in all weekend since I dropped Pat off at the airport on Thursday for New Orleans. (Did I say snow enough times?) I also messed around with my hair to perfect my ombre look (which I missed since letting it grow out), tried some really weird home remedies, and attempted/failed to shovel our driveway solo. Luckily, one of my super nice neighbors came over with his snow... blower... thingy... to help me out so that I could go to work on Monday!

[[ before all star pat always gets one nice dinner in, early valentine's day. he really loves shell fish... work day at br. the start of the snowpocalypse. our neighborhood on day 2. working on a little ombre action. experimenting with super weird home hair treatments... yes, thats ketchup, the blonde looked a little too ashy, and it worked! chillin with some festive socks. the massive amounts of snow on day three. attempting to shovel the driveway to free my car. super nice neighbor coming to help. our beautiful backyard. the official measurement. ]]