Friday, January 3, 2014

my week in pictures 36 :: christmas part II

friday 12/20 - sunday 12/29

The morning after Christmas Leah had signed all the girls up for a spinning class in the Pearl. I was a little nervous about it since I had never taken one before, but thought that it was a great workout and would totally make it part of my weekly regiment if there was a studio in Bend (sadly there is not). After class we headed home to get ready and then everyone went out to lunch at Thirsty Lion before heading to Washington Square to do a little shopping.

When we were done, me and Pat went over to our friends place for a visit and then headed downtown to get some drinks. I had been hearing about this new place called Multnomah Whiskey Library and I wanted to take Pat there, so we put in our name, and then headed to Vault for a few martinis while we waited. Rory and his mom (who were in Portland shopping) came out to meet us. Before our table was ready we went to a little bar called Kask that is attached to Gruner as well. Finally we were seated in the Library, which was very small and intimate. Their whiskey list was freaking huge, and lucky for me they also had other spirits. Pat and Rory tried out some new things, while I had the mixologist create something for me based on the types of drinks I like. We will definitely be back there again. After last call we took off for Montage to grab some dinner. As usual I ordered the tomato basil mac, and decided that I needed some hush puppies as well. Pretty standard. What was weird is that for some reason I insisted on ordered the frog legs, and actually ate one! All I remember is that it was crunchy. Pat says that they weren't very good.

The next day we went off on our own to grab some breakfast and do some more shopping. At the Columbia Employee Store I scored some sweet Sorel boots (Conquest Carly) for half off! I wanted to buy so much more stuff there... Then we headed to Nike, and then back to my dads to relax and get ready for dinner.

Back at my dads place we all played the game of Life that I had customized to display events that have actually happened to each person in our family. It was pretty entertaining and I think everyone enjoyed their present. I can definitely add on to that gift next year to keep it going too. I think Meagan ended up winning. For our annual family dinner we headed to one of our favorite places, Irving Street Kitchen. Everything was delicious as usual.

After dinner me and Pat went downtown to Punch Bowl Social Club to meet my friend Megan for some drinks and to catch up. Originally I wanted to go there to do some bowling, but when we got there they were already playing, and I didn't feel that great so we just caught up and then headed back to my dads place to sleep it off.

On Sunday we met Tiff at Bridgeport for a coffee and to exchange Christmas presents, and then met my mom for lunch before doing a little shopping around and heading home. On our way through Salem we stopped at Gilgamesh to say hi to Tony, and then were on our way back to Bend. It was a really fun week and great to see everyone, but man it felt nice to finally sleep in our own bed again!

We still have to do Christmas with Pats dad, but after that we are done. Three down, one to go. 

[[ the endless fog. spinning class. biscuits breakfast. vault. kask. multnomah whiskey library. happy boys. montage. fam dinner at irving street. punch bowl social club. pretty christmas trees in the mall. more freaking fog. my sweet new boots! playing with giant magnifying glasses at z gallerie. pit stop at gilgamesh. ]]