Thursday, January 2, 2014

my week in pictures 36 :: christmas part I

friday 12/20 - sunday 12/29

Christmas week was a busy one full of family, friends, and lots of traveling. Since I have so many pictures I am going to split this post in to two.

First we did Christmas with Pats family. On Saturday we went to dinner with everyone and I ate a seriously delicious butterfish meal. After we finished eating Pats step dad dressed up as Santa to surprise his three year old grandson. It was pretty entertaining for all of us. We went home Monday afternoon and did Christmas together at our house at night, which involved a yummy dinner, opening our presents to each other, and a movie.

On Tuesday morning we headed towards the valley, making a stop in Salem to see Pats grandparents before going to my moms house for Christmas Eve dinner. Dinner was homemade chili verde pork carnitas and they were delicious! There were also lots of snacks ahead of time, like chili cheese dip, a staple in the Tabert family. After dinner we took some silly pocketbooth pictures and opened our presents before heading over to my dads place for the night. At my dads we did our PJs and finished up our present for the parents before finally heading to bed.

On Christmas morning we opened presents at my dads, had mimosas and omelets for breakfast, and had a little battle in the living room with a set of Nerf guns they bought us kids as a gag gift. For dinner we made a turducken (turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken), the whole thing kind of grossed me out so I stuck to the turkey part. After dinner we played some games and then made some gingerbread houses. I thought mine and Meagan's were pretty cute. Leah tried to make hers all modern and it wouldn't stay together. It was pretty funny.

I will write about the rest of our Christmas week tomorrow. 

[[ presents under our tree. christmas lights at work. fam pic at pats moms place. santa! delicious butterfish dinner. heading to portland (the last sun we saw all week). christmas eve pocketbooth pics. meagan being a pimp. opening presents at dads. finally got my boots! making breakfast. posing in our jammies. our neighbors cute rescue pup. nerf wars! wii dance party. christmas dinner. making gingerbread houses. ]]