Wednesday, January 8, 2014

my week in pictures 37

monday 12/30 - sunday 1/5

I am going to keep this short. A little work. New Year's Eve festivities (dinner at our place, countdown at McMenamins). New Year's Day recovery. Back to work. Late Christmas with Pat's dad on the weekend (which involved drinking and playing with a toy train for some reason). As you can see, the majority of my pictures are from NYE.

I will be posting the real photobooth pictures Friday.

[[ earlier in the week: sweet dragon slippers from tiff. finishing up edits on my seattle photos. taking down our christmas decorations. new years eve: getting the house festive for nye. making a photobooth. outfit decisions. pat prepping dinner. dessert! photoboothing! mcmenamins. chillin' (it cracks me up we look bored here, too good for nye). watching the times square countdown replay. balloon! happy new year! harlow is not in to 2014. christmas with pats dad: grown men playing with toy trains. ]]