Friday, December 13, 2013

my week in pictures 34

monday 12/2 - sunday 12/8

First of all, I can't believe its already December!
Last week was super cold and full of snow and Christmasy things. Hooray! The whole -15 degrees thing Saturday night was a bit alarming though... I had never experienced such cold weather before! Good thing I have been stocking up on warm clothing since we moved here for such an occasion. I also worked from home a lot since my coworkers were all gone, it was so icy out, and I had never really driven in the snow before, so the week seemed to go by really quickly.

A few more things of note:
First of all, the Central Oregon snow is weird. Super powdery and dry to be more specific. In fact, so powdery and dry that you can't make a snowball, let alone a snow man with it! We were both very surprised.

Second, over here there are really no Christmas tree farms! Something I guess we were totally taking advantage of in the valley without even knowing it. Instead there are little stands set up ALL over town. Since it was so cold out on Saturday, when we went to get our tree they were all frozen with their needles tucked in, so we literally had to pick one hoping it would look good and let it unthaw in our living room over night. Luckily we ended up with a pretty much perfect, symmetrical, and full seven footer.

Third, the cold. Oh man was it cold!! The picture of our temperature gage on the Subaru was taken at around 8pm, so imagine how much colder it got throughout the night! In fact it was so cold outside, that as we were driving, ice was forming on the inside of the car windows. I have definitely never experienced such intense weather before (and I know that my friends from Montana will laugh at me for saying that). Sunday was no longer in the negatives, but it was still cold as hell when me and Pat decided to put up our Christmas lights, which took about two hours. I was completely frozen by the time we got back inside, but the house looks great... I should probably take a picture of it one of these nights...

[[ our street with a little bit of snow at the beginning of the week. i stole pat's beanie for work. the initial forecast. our street at the end of the week with a lot more snow. listening to christmas music. going through decorations. work work working at home. our cute snowy little house. snow snow snow! a friday afternoon walk to the park. pat shoveling the driveway saturday morning (don't worry, i helped too). picking out a christmas tree! the temp on saturday around 8pm. my favorite ornaments. getting ready to trim the tree! christmas cookies. our pretty tree! me frozen from putting up christmas lights sunday evening in the ice. ]]