Friday, December 6, 2013

my week in pictures 33 :: thanksgiving

monday 11/25 - sunday 12/1

I love weeks where my days off exceed my actual work week, and Thanksgiving is very helpful for this. Since everyone at the office was gone for one reason or another I worked from home Monday-Wednesday (and got a TON of stuff done I might add). It was nice being at the house with Pat, but I can see how he gets a bit stir crazy by the middle of the week. We spent Thanksgiving at his dad's place and watched Civil war at his mom's, which was a lot of fun. It was nice being able to visit with everyone on his side since we are going to be with mine for Christmas. I also had a a lot of fun visiting with his adorable grandparents. And, as expected, the food was delicious, although I was a little jealous of my little sister for getting my mom's mashed potatoes.

[[ my work week set up in the kitchen. lucy. failed puppy picture attempts (they don't like posing). thankful. really really good wine. playing with my food. thanksgiving dinner. homemade pumpkin pie! we busted out our onesies at the end of the night to crack up pat's step mom. watching the civil war with pats grandparents. osu'd out. i made her try on my hat, isn't she the cutest?! ]]