Wednesday, December 18, 2013

my week in pictures 35

monday 12/9 - monday 12/16

This one isn't going to be terribly exciting, but I still have a few pics to post... The week was pretty busy at work since we are finishing things up for the holidays.

On Saturday we went out and did a ton of Christmas shopping, and afterwards we headed to GoodLife where there was a winter ale fest. going on featuring most of the local breweries. My favorite was definitely the mint stout from Riverbend, which I guess is local, but we had never heard of before. 

Pat had agreed to let some friends stay at our house for the weekend so that they could go boarding on Bachelor, so they met up with us at the festival and then we hung at the house for the night. The next day we took things super easy, and then headed to Brother John's for dinner, but for once I was too hungry to take any pictures of my food. 

After work on Monday (yes, I am including Monday for once), we headed over to Crux for a taco tasting event they were having featuring various tacos from restaurants around town paired with local brews. There was even a "bacon cheeseburger taco" made by Crux, which was literally beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese wrapped up in a woven shell made completely out of bacon. I tried it... It was messy, and that was way too much meat, but I liked the bacon part.

[[ beautiful sunset on my drive home from work. blacksmith. mural at the gym. cold days call for thick sweaters and antlers. reflections/the living room. some of our favorite ornaments. crux taco night. winter ale fest at goodlife. ]]