Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the bend ale trail - part I

On Saturday morning me and Pat got up bright and early, headed in to town, ran a few errands, and then made our way to Good Life Brewing Co. to meet up with my old friend Sierra and start The Bend Ale Trail. Me and Pat had been to most of the breweries on the list ourselves in the past, some several times, but never for the purpose of completing the official Ale Trail monitored by the Visit Bend office downtown. We ended up making it to 7 out of 10 on Saturday, but it was an all day/night affair. 

1) Good Life Brewing Co. 
We started at Good Life Brewing Co. for some lunch and went with a taster tray. Their food was pretty yummy, me and Pat shared a monster burrito, and the beer was pretty good as well, I would certainly give this place another visit, if not for the food and beer, for the mix of old rock songs playing over their speakers.

[[ good life. ]]

2) Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. 
Next we went to Cascade Lakes, which I did not realize was the brewery responsible for Blonde Bombshell, which you can find at every grocery store in Oregon (that could be a slight exaggeration, but it is pretty widely recognized). I had also tried their Slippery Slope over Thanksgiving, which I liked. We did not have any food here, but shared another taster tray and neither me or Pat were interested in any of their beers. The space was cool and I noticed a loft with some pool tables, but this brewery is a bit out of the way for what they have to offer, and when there are so many good breweries within such a close proximity, you have to be one of the best. I do hear that there is Tuesday night Bingo which is especially popular with the local crowd, so never say never, I may end up back here one of these days.

[[ cascade lakes. ]]

3) Brew Werks
Third we drove over to Old Mill to visit Brew Werks which has a few of their own beers and also offers several other local beers on tap. Again, we did not sample any of the food, which smelled very smokey, but we did try some of their beers. Nothing really stood out, so we didn't hang around long before moving on to our next location. I don't really have anything of note to say about this place... though I did chase some geese around outside before we went in. The location is a little random, its sort of in an office building, and the space itself is pretty small so I might skip this one in the future.

[[ brew werks. ]]

I will finish up the rest of our Ale Trail adventures tomorrow...