Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend adventures 65

Our second weekend in Central Oregon ended up being extremely beer-centric, starting out with a work event, and culminating with our first attempt at The Bend Ale Trail.

friday night
I had to go to a chamber dinner for work Friday evening, which was basically a bunch of local businesses getting together and awarding each other for various things, as well as raising awareness about their companies. Each of the tables at the event was decorated by a different local business, ours was a brewery called Phat Matt's, so we had lots of beers, chocolate, popcorn, and balloons. Some others I remember were a Mexican restaurant called Mazatlan, so that table had margaritas and a piñata, a fire station, so the table had fireman themed items such as legos and a Curious George book, and a gardening store, so that table had gloves and watering pails with flowers. At the end of the event, which was catered, we all got to divy up the swag at the table and take it home. I ended up with three beers and the balloons. Go to a work function... bring home a party... or at least thats what I told Pat when I walked in the door with beers and balloons in hand. Not too shabby.

[[ a few pictures from the chamber dinner: phat matt's. balloons. fire table. mazatlan table. ]]

Me and Pat took a stab at the Bend Ale Trail with my long lost friend Sierra who I had not seen since Freshman year of college down in Ashland, aside from running in to her briefly once in Newport a few years ago. We met up for some lunch, got started, and ended up spending the entire day together. I will get in to the specifics of The Ale Trail in another post or two starting tomorrow, but it was really really good catching up with Sierra, and I think I will be hanging out with her quite a bit now that we are over here.

[[ bend ale trail brochure. ]]

We had a few errands to run in the morning, which ended with Pat finally purchasing a Whirly Pop, which is an extremely ridiculous popcorn maker. He was seriously so excited to make some popcorn, such a nerd. However, the majority of the day was spent relaxing, which was much needed after all of that beer Saturday!

[[ pat making popcorn. ]]