Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the bend ale trail - part II

Continuing on with my post from yesterday, here is the rest of our Saturday...

4) Boneyard Beer
As we headed towards downtown we made a stop at Boneyard Beer which is one of Pats local favorites at the moment. He loves pretty much everything, including their Diablo Rojo En Fuego, which is the regular Rojo blended with ghost peppers which makes it really really spicy! I hate spice so I can't handle it, but he is up for the challenge. I really love their normal Diablo Rojo, which is a red, as I am sure you can imagine. Right now all Boneyard has is a little tasting room attached to their brewery so we pretty much stopped by, filled some growlers, and moved on our way.

[[ boneyard. ]]

5) Silver Moon
Finally we made our way in to downtown and decided to stop at Silver Moon first. Again, me and Pat shared a taster tray of beers. We had been to Silver Moon before once in the past on a self guided downtown brew tour of sorts and liked it, so we knew what to expect. Their brewery is a little more on the divey side, but they turn out some good beer. We have yet to try their food though. We will definitely be in this place a lot more in the future, they have a stage inside for local bands, and it seems like a fun place to spend a Friday or Saturday night. Plus their brews are not too shabby.

[[ silvermoon. ]]

6) Bend Brewing Co. 
At this point Sierra had to take off for a little while to check on her pup, so me and Pat walked up the street to Bend Brewing Co. to grab a snack and another beer. We had also been here a few times before, and had previously made the mistake of sharing one of their taster trays, which is HUGE. Nothing wrong with that at all... except for when you have been drinking beer all day and just want one beer, not three to yourself (that is probably a slight exaggeration, but their pours are really big). Instead we each grabbed a beer and ordered some sweet potato fries to snack on, which were delicious. I have eaten here a few times in the past and have always found the food to be very tasty, although their atmosphere is a little dead on the weekends for my taste. I would consider this a great brewery for some lunch/dinner and a drink, they make some good beers and great food, but for more nightlife, take off after and make your way down the road.

[[ bend brewing co. ]]

7) Deschutes Brewery
Last but not least, we met up with Sierra again at Deschutes Brewery downtown. I had wanted to do their actual brew tour at the brewery in Old Mill, but since we were downtown already and needed some dinner, we decided to save that one for another time. Of course, being the staple Bend brewery, and one of the largest in Oregon, with locations in both Bend and Portland, me and Pat had been here already a ton of times. Not to mention that you can always find their beer at the store, and the guys at my previous job had a bit of a Mirror Pond obsession... so lets just say I am very familiar with what Deschutes has to offer. That being said, it is still one of my, and apparently everyones, favorites. We all had one last beer, and me and Pat split the elk burger a salad and some French onion soup (Pats favorite). As usual, dinner and drinks were delicious.

[[ deschutes. ]]

Seven breweries off of the list down, we called it a night. It was a fun and extremely filling day, yet we still have three more to go, which renders our Bend Ale Trail attempt "to be continued... " I will keep you posted on our progress as we finish up in the future...