Friday, December 14, 2012


Although I try to keep things fairly light and free of politics on my blog, I, along with everyone else in the country, was completely baffled and horrified by the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that took place this morning, where a 20 year old open fired killing K-4 children and their teachers.

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There are so many different articles floating around the internet right now trying to explain the "why" of the incident already, so I am not going to get in to that too much. I did however, come across one interesting point I will touch on. It was a plea to turn off the news and stop glorifying these disasters by focusing on the killers and the heinousness of their crimes rather than the victims. Its true, we can look back on previous attacks and name off the shooter(s), but find it hard to recall a single person affected. In reality, it is their names that we should be focusing on and remembering, rather than raising the killer to fame. After all, maybe that is all they, the mentally unstable turned killers, are seeking. On that note, if you are interested, here is a link that names all of the victims with brief statements from their families.

And of course, I must also mention the Clackamas Town Center shooting that took place earlier this week a lot closer to home, where a masked gunman open fired inside the packed mall, shooting three (killing two), and then taking his own life. Those victims are identified here. Again, what was the motiv other than a completely mentally unstable individual, with access to weapons, seeking infamy?

Though I of course have my own opinions on mental health and gun control, I will leave this post with the above point of interest, and save those debates for another day. Today I am thankful for my parents, siblings, fiance, friends, teachers, grandparents, more distant family members, and everyone else in my life.