Thursday, December 13, 2012

dinner at the graffs

Tuesday night after work me and Pat headed to the store to pick up some wine and bread to bring to dinner at our friends Nate and Alicia's place. They had recently "renovated" their basement, and wanted to show off their new setup complete with pool table, ping pong table, foosball, and darts.

Since Hanukkah is going on and Nate is Jewish, I could not resist picking up some themed cupcakes to bring over for desert, which I think everyone enjoyed pretty thoroughly.

[[ hanukkah cupcakes. ]]

After dinner, desert, and giving lots of attention to their two dogs Toby and Dinah, the boys played some foosball, and I choose darts. I am not competitive enough to enjoy foos, but I am not terrible at darts most of the time for some reason, so I guess it is my bar game of choice. I ended up beating Alicia with the double bullseye, but she totally kicked my ass when we played pool after. She is a bit of a shark.

[[ puppy play time: pat getting attacked by toby. dinah. ]]

[[ darts, ]]

It was nice to catch up with them since it had been a while, and especially since we are going to be leaving. Thanks for dinner friends!