Monday, December 17, 2012

pack pack pack

Me and Pat have been making some pretty good progress into our packing thus far, but have a long way to go! It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate living in a house of your own. We have already made one huge Goodwill run, and I would venture to guess we will have at least one more before we are done. It feels good to actually be sorting through things this time around though. In the past when moving it has sort of been the whole, throw your stuff in whatever you can find and worry about it later, type of thing.

Last week we tackled the office, extra bedroom, bathrooms, and we packed up all of our movies, games, and most electronics, as well as all of Pat's Rogue bottles, which required four boxes of their own! Over the weekend we got a bunch of the kitchen, the living room, and everything off of the walls. Our house is super sad looking now. The only decorations remaining are our tiny Christmas tree and stockings, which will have to come down soon as well.

Since we are leaving to start our Christmas this Friday, we both have to pack suitcases with the things we will be needing over the next week, leave out a few extra pieces of clothing for New Years Eve and moving day, and pack everything else up in to boxes. Moving day is the first, and my last day of work is Wednesday, so finishing everything up will be my job. Hopefully we will be almost all packed before we leave this weekend.

[[ some pictures from our packing progress. ]]