Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the present

Presently (I could not help myself), I just finished packing up almost all of my Christmas gifts for this year. It was not an easy undertaking, since our house is a mess of boxes and packing supplies at the moment and I was buried in paper the entire time, but I am feeling pretty satisfied at the moment. Kraft paper is definitely my favorite way to wrap presents, and with some really cute free printable gift tags from Love Vs. Design via Wedding Chicks, and Kelli Murray, I was able to make them cute and personal with minimal effort. Click on the links above to download your own if you still have some wrapping to do. :)

Friday me and Pat are heading over the pass to get our Christmas celebrating started. Saturday we are having Christmas early with Pat's family in Bend, then we head over the mountain to my Dads place to meet up with all of my siblings and finalize our parents present, then its off to my Moms for Christmas Eve, and then back to my Dads for Christmas Day. That is a lot of business... I am glad that Pat is coming along with me again, and that I get to spend a little bit of Christmas with his family as well. I still have a few more goodies to wrap up, but I am feeling pretty good about my gifts this year, and am excited to hand them out!

I hope everyone likes their presents!
(I will post pictures of a few after the holidays).

[[ wrapping christmas presents. ]]