Wednesday, December 19, 2012

last day

Today was my last day of work at WSI, a company I have worked for over the past two and a half years. It seems so weird to be leaving, but since my announcement a few weeks ago, there have been a lot of changes around here, so I feel like I will be leaving everything on good terms. I will definitely miss a few of the people I have gotten used to seeing everyday.

Before I left yesterday my coworkers threw me a little going away party with gifts, a flower crown (that I had to wear), and ice cream cake, which I really really appreciated. I spoke to my bosses for a little while about my new position and they were extremely supportive about everything. I even made Russ, my boss man, give me a hug goodbye haha. Karen, my boss lady, who I will miss very much gave me a stapler to take home. She said that Russ (her husband), has a stapler at their house from his first real job after college that they still use, and that it always reminds them of that job and those times, so she wanted me to have the same thing. I thought this was an adorable sentiment. I gave her a little thank you gift, a big hug, and said goodbye to everyone.

Leaving actually felt extremely bittersweet. I thought that I would feel super relieved and excited for all of the upcoming changes, but saying goodbye actually made me tear up a bit thinking about leaving everything I have come to love here behind. Emotions that I was not expecting to be stirred up by my last day at work. I am feeling sentimental about Corvallis already.

It will feel extremely odd not working for a few weeks over the holidays since I don't start my position until the 9th, but I think it will be really good for moving and integrating into my new environment to come in with a fresh start after having some time to myself. Of course, I could still have tight freelance deadlines, but its looking like the holidays will be fairly light on work, and I am ok with that for once. This girl needs a break.

[[ the front door in the fall. the elements building lit up. our floor hallway. me at my desk. leaving. jake. snowy views from upstairs. me taking a reflection shot outside of the building. walking to the parking lot. my stapler. ]]

Goodbye to The Elements Building, where I have spent so much of time over the last few years. I will miss sneaking up to the 6th floor event space to take pictures of Corvallis through your giant windows. Goodbye to my bosses who take great care of their employees. Goodbye to Jake, the office labrador who always tried to steal my breakfast. Goodbye to WSI, thank you for everything.

Until next time.

[[ a panoramic view of the 6th floor on tuesday. ]]