Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the first football game


On September 8th the Oregon State football season kicked off with a home game against the Wisconsin Badgers (no Pat, not the Honey Badgers, just The Badgers). Pat's mom bought tickets for the game so we went with his family. This was the first football game Pat's Grandpa has been to (I believe) since he was a student at OSU himself, and I am not sure his Grandma had ever been before. This was also the first game that I had been able to attend as a fan in three years, and it had been five years for Pat since we have been working the games. It was fun roaming around on campus again as well.

The game, (to my admitted surprise at the time), was pretty good! Despite a terrible terrible season last year we actually got it together and showed up with some great defense, actually played both halves, and ended up winning. We were pretty pumped, and so were the other OSU fans in the audience who rushed the field after the game. This season has definitely got off to a much better start, and with three wins now in the statistics, I am feeling pretty good/excited about the home game this weekend.

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