Wednesday, October 3, 2012

silversun pickups


A few years ago the song "Well Thought Out Twinkles" popped up on my Pandora and I was instantly intrigued by the band I had never heard of before, called Silversun Pickups. I quickly became pretty obsessed with their existing albums, and when they went on tour shortly after the release of their second full studio album, I knew I had to go see them. This was back in 2011 at the Crystal Ballroom, and the show was amazing. They literally played every single thing I wanted to hear. Naturally when I heard about an upcoming tour after the release of their third album I bought two tickets, and on Sunday September 9th, me and Pat drove up to Portland to go to the Silversun Pickups concert in Pioneer Square as part of Music Fest NW.

I had never been to a show in the square before which turned out to be a really interesting venue since we were right in the middle of the city. We ended up scoring pretty good seats on one of the raised marble platforms since we unknowingly showed up really early. During the opening acts there was also this really crazy older guy dancing like a maniac, it was amazing. Pat took a video that I will have to post separately sometime if I can figure out how. It was hilarious.

[[ pioneer square. waiting for the show to start. our tickets. openers. dancing king. the crowd. ]]  

Finally once it got dark Silversun came on. I think in terms of their albums this one is my least favorite so far, and since it was just released not too long ago, their set list was primarily new songs. I was really disappointed that they did not play "Future Foe Scenarios" or "Growing Old is Getting Old", but I did get to hear "The Royal We" which is one of my favorites, and they played "Kissing Families" from their EP which I also really like. (Here is an example of the setlist, the one for our show has not been posted yet, but this one is close). 

I had assured Pat that it was more like a rock concert than an indy show because of the high energy when they play, and he was not disappointed. Though I would have liked them to play some of their older stuff, and was sad that they skipped my favorite songs, it was still a really good show and I am glad I got to see them again.

[[ some pictures from the show. ]]