Thursday, October 4, 2012

nic & molly's wedding reception


Pat's old friend Molly and her long time boyfriend/fiance Nic, got married over the summer in Mexico and since it was a small event, they decided to have a larger reception here in Oregon.

The reception took place at Vista Hills Vineyard in Dayton, Oregon on a Friday, so me and Pat had to change really fast and rush to the venue right after work. Nic and Molly are really in to their own outdoor pizza oven that they made together, so I was not surprised to see some fire grilled pizza out as an appetizer when we arrived. We had a few snacks, grabbed some wine, and snapped a few pictures of the area while the two of them were getting pictures taken. Everything was pretty casual, but it had all the familiar aspects of a wedding reception: dinner, drinks, slideshow, toasts, father/daughter dance, etc. (Sorry for the low quality on some of these night shots... I was after all armed only with Pat's iPhone which does not do so well with low light).

[[ the vineyard. getting pictures taken with the photographer. skyline. making pizza. sunset. first dance. father daughter dance. old friends. cutting the cake. ]]

Me and Pat had previously made plans to help his dad move in to his new home in Central Oregon, so we had to leave the reception a bit earlier than most people to drive over the pass. Once I saw a photobooth being set up I knew that me and Pat definitely had to get in on that before we took off! I love photobooths! We took a few silly and extremely awkward/non flattering photos ourselves (there were a few kinks with the motion sensor on the system), and then grabbed the bride and groom for a few silly group shots. We even got Molly in on a little "Ooo Sss Uuu" posing. Yes!

She was nice enough to post all of the pictures from the booth on Facebook a few days later which means that I get to share them here! Enjoy.

[[ bride & groom showing off their team colors. ]]

[[ me & pat being super awesome as usual. ]]

[[ our team colors: ooo. sss. uuu. oregon state, fight fight fight. ]]

[[ we make photobooths look gooood. ]]

Congrats you two!!
Thanks for inviting us.