Friday, October 19, 2012

i'm going going back back to cali cali

For the third time in one year I am going to be boarding a plane in Portland that is once again headed for California. This time, I am flying into LA to see my sisters!

Since my little sisters are in college together in California, I don't get to see them as much as I used to, so when my older sister Leah (who lives in NYC) suggested that we meet up in LA at the same to visit them, I of course made plans and bought my plane ticket. Although I have been ALL over the great state of California this summer I did not actually get to spend any time at the beach or in LA, so I believe that is what will be on the agenda this time around. Now that the weather is just starting to turn in to fall around here a last little glimpse of sunshine and warmer weather won't be such a bad thing.

I am leaving Saturday morning and will be back Tuesday night, blogging to resume on Wednesday (tentatively).

[[ pictures of huntington beach from a trip in april, 2010. ]]