Wednesday, August 15, 2012

california adventures :: extras

Finally Finally Finally, we are at the very last post of the California Adventures... adventures... (though I am far from caught up on other events from this summer). Here are all of the little souvenirs we collected throughout our trips.

1. Items I picked up from our day in Joshua Tree National Park, including my very own seeds to plant a Joshua Tree myself! (One of these days I will get around to that). 

2. Our souvenirs from Disneyland, including my mouse ears of course. We also made sure to snap a picture from each of our rides. Pat was excellent at posing, I seemed to always get my hards in front of my face somehow, or just look overall ridiculous. We had so much fun!

3. It is hard to pass up a Lego store without picking up some goodies! We did not actually purchase the top two, but we put them together and they do bare a striking resemblance to me and Pat if I do say so myself. Our Star Wars themed toys including new keychains and some magnets.

4. These are a couple pictures that we took outside my Grandparent's house before heading to San Francisco for the day.

5. Our tickets from the Giants game the day we went to San Francisco. A couple of cards from our brief stop in Ashland, a coaster from Standing Stone where we ate, and postcard from my friend Pauls work aedion aesthetic. 

 6. Here are a few small things from San Diego. A card & bib from two different restaurants, me and Meagan's awesome rings I got us from a little boutique called The Attic in Coronado Beach. The sweet card I had to get for Pat... which he still hasn't seen. Can you read it? :)

And that, is that. Our California Adventures have officially come to an end. We definitely explored the state pretty thoroughly. Next time, a little more San Francisco...