Tuesday, August 14, 2012

california adventure 2 :: part 3
poolside & the beach

Sunday (7/7) we spent the entire day poolside at my parents hotel playing and getting sunburned. We also rented a paddle boat and rode that around for a while, which is a pretty decent thigh workout! By the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted and burnt, but it was an awesome day!

[[ pool day: fancy chair. ash & grandma. cousin love. playing in the water. me & meagan are weirdos. jenna & meagan are weirdos. mojito time. the bay. grandparents. playing on paddle boats. ]]

Monday (7/8) which was supposed to be my last day, we split up from the family and went to Coronado Beach for the day. It was a really cute little area with a big fancy 20's style hotel as the centerpiece. There was also a really amazing sandcastle out in front which we spent quite a while admiring. I am glad that we decided to visit this nicer beach rather then the boardwalk area. 

[[ coronado beach & the bay. ]]

((( only one more california adventure post to go, FINALLY, the extras which i will post tomorrow )))