Monday, August 13, 2012

california adventure 2 :: part 2
the reunion

((( sorry for my absence last week, life... i am back on track now, and will be finishing up san diego and all of my california adventure posts this week... finally )))

On Saturday (7/6) I got a chance to meet up with pretty much the entire Blechman side of the family at a little park by the bay in San Diego. 

I had not seen most of these people since I was a little girl, I am talking four or five, and some I had never even met. This was kind of a once in a lifetime experience, especially seeing my Grandpa Rodger and both of his brothers (one of which is older) together in person. I am glad that I could be a part of it, and reconnect with that side of my Dad's family, who I had been feeling a bit disconnected from prior to this summer.

A thank you to my older cousin Nicole who snapped a ton of pictures throughout the day.

[[ my grandpa (left) and his two brothers. picnic. ]]
[[ my uncle steven talking to his cousin jonah. cousin rachel and her two kids sawyer & sydney. ]]
[[ my dads aunt sylvia and her oldest son noah looking at old albums. ]]
[[ cousin amy and her son sebastian. ]]
[[ the little ones playing in the sand: jayden, sawyer, sebastian, lilly, dest, & cameron. ]]
[[ seagulls. the quick shade incident... ]]
[[ me & ashley. sail boats. cousins. ]]

[[ sylvia, grandpa & grandma trudy. jonah & amy, siblings. ]]
[[ uncle steven & aunt rebeccah. first cousins: me, ashley, & nicole. ]]
[[ kiddos playing on the swings. ]]
[[ dad and his cousin playing football. grandpa and his brothers. ]]
[[ the whole group. bruce, sylvia, and their family. ]]
[[ grandpa and his brothers. the boys. ]]
[[ the ladies. me, cousins, and grandma trudy. more cousins. sylvia and her girls. being silly. more cousins. ]]
[[ siblings: jonah, amy, rachel, & noah. grandpa & his brothers once again. ]]

((( tomorrow i will throw up pictures from our day at the pool and trips to the beach )))