Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bday party part I :: dinner

Me and Pat decided to have another joint Birthday Party this year since the one we threw two years ago was such a success. This one was no different.

We drove up to Portland Saturday, did a little shopping, and then got ready for the night. We started off at Departue, which is on top of The Nines Hotel in downtown Portland. I have always wanted to check it out, mostly for the view admittedly. It was awesome, and I am super excited to go back up there whenever I get a chance. My drinks were amazing, the food was amazing, and the view was AMAZING. I would love to bring my SLR up there for some shots. Me and Pat both got all gussied up and met Tony and Megan for dinner and drinks before heading out to meet everyone else for the remainder of the night.

[[ elevator ride up. view from departure. snapshots. food & drink. sunset. the shining. fun with reflections. map: sea of love. signage. tron hallway. ]]

Next we went to Rontoms over on the Eastside and met up with a bunch of our friends who decided to come out and play. I even got to see a few people I had not run in to for over a year, which was awesome. We were out in the pretty sweet and gigantic outdoor space and our waitress was really attentive, perhaps too attentive and kept the drinks coming the whole time. Perfect. I will definitely give this place a try again when I get the chance. It is a pretty decent meeting space for lots of people. (All my pictures from this portion of the night are on the Urban camera).

I also bought a silly camera from Urban Outfitters kind of like this one that I bought for Tiff's bachelorette party and wedding, but this one was "Fiesta" themed. I am currently waiting for those pictures to be developed and will definitely post them as well. I lost hold of it after a little while but my friends seemed to finish it off pretty quickly, so who knows what kind of gems are currently on that bad boy!! I love surprises!! Hopefully the film on this one turns out a little bit better then last time though...

[[ the fiesta camera! ]]