Friday, June 8, 2012

thrice / the used

((( First of all, this weekend is going to be INSANE. Prepare for some lengthy adventures to take over my posting next week, although note that I will be MIA Monday, and possibly Tuesday for little sisters graduation. )))

When I was 18, there were few things I enjoyed more than some Thrice or The Used blasting through my headphones and a sketchbook in my hand. (Circa "The Artist in The Ambulance" and "In Love and Death"). In fact, on me and Pat's very first date we listened to The Used's first two albums and sang along at the top of our lungs to "Sound Effects and Over Dramatics", so these two bands definitely bring back some memories.

Though I have had the pleasure of seeing Thrice three times now, and successfully obtained their autographs at Warped Tour back in 2004 (oh yea), I have never had the chance to see The Used live. Until now...

They literally have not come through Portland since I was a Junior in high school, in fact, the closest they came (and the concert I am still mad at myself for not making the trip for) was Seattle for the Taste of Chaos Tour in 2005 when I was a Freshman at SOU. So when I saw a concert announcement for a show in Portland this Spring I jumped on it as a tribute to my 18 year old self. I am however seriously keeping my fingers crossed that they play a few things off of their first 2 or 3 albums, because past that I really stopped listening to their stuff regularly, not their best in my opinion. Bring on the "old" stuff!

Alright, now on to Thrice. Several months back Thrice announced that they were going to be doing one final tour throughout the U.S. and wanted their fans to vote on the set. They created an online poll through their website with a list of every single song they have ever made, so I of course voted... on a lot of songs, because lets face it, it was hard to narrow them down too much, there are so many good ones throughout their older albums. When the tickets came on sale I literally stayed up until midnight and bought four of them for me, Pat, Megan, and Tony so that we were sure to have them. Despite seeing them several times already, there was no way I was going to miss this.

So, this weekend along with everything else that is going on (and there is a lot), I will be going to two back to back concerts! Thrice on Sunday night, and The Used on Monday!!! Mix that in with a high school graduation and working my little sisters grad night and I have nostalgia to the max! Needless to say I am PUMPED!!!

Now, for a little playlist action if you please. Here is a sampling of a few of my favorite songs from each band.