Thursday, June 7, 2012

omg my baby sister is graduating ??!!??

When I was eight my little sister, and first sibling, was born. A lot has changed since then with my family dynamic, considering that I am now somewhere in the middle, and literally a "red headed step child". As much as I love my big crazy confusing family and all of my sisters, Meagan is still my only true sibling and I love her dearly.

Since she is my baby sister I can hardly even fathom that she is graduating high school this weekend! The same high school (mind you) that I graduated from eight years ago and remember fondly. It is hard for me to even believe that it has been that long for me. Half of my "best friends" I don't even keep in touch with anymore, but for a while there they were the most important thing in my life.

Of course what really weirds me out about the situation is that both Meagan and Jenna are going to college in California next year to join a Tumbling and Gymnastics Team. Though Jenna has been in college for a year (still weird), I can't believe it is Meagan's time as well. I mean, it was after all towards the end of Freshman year that I began talking to a certain someone whom I am now engaged to. Looking back we seemed so little, but at the time we felt so grown up. I wish both of my little sisters the best of luck next year, and to Meagan Paige, I really hope that you are MUCH more behaved than I was as a Freshman... for reals... like... seriously...

[[ little meeegan growing up (she might now like that one from 2007). ]]

And check this out... pictures of me and Meagan both playing Powderpuff Football our Senior years. Ha! 

[[ me and meagan, both 17. ]]

Love you mini me!