Friday, March 9, 2012

brief work escape / solar flares

Today. Is. Gorgeous. !!!
Thank you to the solar flares that we apparently owe this temporary good fortune to.

I had to stop by the post office for work (which is right up the street), so I decided to make a walk out of it and took the first street route down by the water. Ten minutes with some sunshine on my face and I am feeling oh so refreshed! It had been a while. But this is not Oregon's all too familiar sunny outside but freeeezing cold trick, no, no, this is an actual nice day at a current temperature of 62 degrees. Though I have to say, with a quick glance at the upcoming forecast which is full of rain I am really hoping I get another chance, if only brief, to bask in the sun before it goes away. Or better yet, screw the forecast sun, you know you want to stay with us for the weekend!

[[ brief work escape walk. ]]