Thursday, March 8, 2012

the ruddy duck

Continuing on with some of my design projects I thought I would throw up some logo design I did for a restaurant at Running Y Ranch called The Ruddy Duck. I worked on this a while ago but overall like the way my marks turned out. The client expressed the importance of having an actual Ruddy Duck (which is a certain kind of duck) represented within the logo. The restaurant itself was described to me as upscale ranch dining. I decided to play with brush strokes to add some rustic style and give the overall duck imagery a nice sense of abstraction. (I wanted to make sure it did not turn in to a cartoon). I also played around with some other elements, such as the lake and cattail plants known to grow in the area. It is hard to tell from the small scale of these, but I treated the type in the same manner as the other elements by adding brush strokes. Here are just a couple of the final renderings. (They went with the top one). 

[[ ruddy duck renderings. ]]
And here is a little preview into my process via some rough rough rough sketches. 

[[ ruddy duck sketches. ]]