Tuesday, January 24, 2012

weekend adventures 49

Last weekend was pretty much all about Saturday, which was a long and busy day. 

I had purchased a Living Social event package a while back for a special wine tasting in Carlton, where me and Pat go all the time. It was $35 a person and included a certain amount of tastings to be used in any room, as well as vouchers for snacks at participating storefronts on the tour. The deal was also listed to come with a "swag bag". I had signed up for the 2-5pm slot, so in the morning we got up and started getting ready to go. If Pat had it his way we would have left at like 11 and been there by noon, but I wanted to dye my hair a bit more since I was not happy with my original ombre attempt, so we ended up getting there right around 2 instead, which was totally fine. Along the way we also saw a lot more flood areas and a rainbow that followed us for most of the drive.

[[ rainbows and floods. ]]

Once in Carlton, we went to the first location to pick up our vouchers and bags of goodies which included a stemless wine glass and pretty nice bottle opener (for each of us). I was excited about the wine glass because all of ours have stems and i prefer the stemless anyway. All in all it was a fun experience, although we certainly did not make proper use of our time. We happen to be wine club members at two of the vineyards that have tasting rooms there, so we spent a lot of time in those rooms tasting for free and picking up our shipments, when we should have been using up our vouchers and tasting new wines. At the end of the day we hardly tried any of the food and have a lot of tastings left. Since the event runs two weekends we might go back to take a bit more advantage of the deal, not sure. For us I do not really think it was worth the deal, but it was still fun.

[[ photobooth at republic of jam. ]]
[[ livingsocial event in carlton. ]]

saturday night
After the rooms started to close we headed home to meet Megan and Tony for Tony's birthday. We met up with Rory and took Tone out to dinner to Block 15, of course. I forgot how good their BLT with pesto is, I ate the entire thing! After, we gained a few more people and went bowling for a few hours. Oh man did I suck. I think out of the five games we played, I only got two strikes and one spare. It was terrible, but still lots of fun. Nate had his own ball and some special powder thing for it that ended up being a weapon we threw at each others jeans, I am not sure who started the war, but I can safely say that Megan lost, she was covered. I wish I had gotten a few more pictures at dinner and bowling, but I left my phone at home!! That never happens!!

[[ bowling attempts. rory/megan. me giving rory a bowlingballbaby. shoes. guendo. balls. fancy tony. ]]

After all of this madness, we went home for some chocolate birthday cake that Megan made, and gave Tony his presents, which were the most giant Rice Krispy Treat I have ever seen, and a Ninja Turtles Tshirt. Me and Megan also exchanged our Christmas presents! I will do a post about those later. Finally we decided to watch the most random movie ever, Encino Man with Pauly Shore. Oh man it was so bad I loved it! Buuuddddyyyy.

[[ giant rice krispy. decorating ideas on package. cake made by megan. ]]

The four of us had the ultimate lazy day. I took a shower when I woke up but put sweats back on and I am pretty sure the only productive thing I did the entire day was make everyone french toast. We watched a ton of movies, and played a lot of Hanging with Friends. Finally hungry again and needing something, we decided on Jade Garden. I do not each Chinese very much but they seriously have the best pork fried rice. The boys went and picked it up and we ate family style at the table before slipping into a food coma. Good Sunday. Good friends.