Wednesday, January 25, 2012

midweek inspiration 32

glasses on the mind. 

I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of frames! I hate wearing my glasses, so I am looking around to find a new pair that I am more excited about. These ladies look adorable in theirs, that is what I am going for. 

[[ (top left) from brook dennis on flickr. (top right) from rockstar diaries. (bottom) from flashes of style. ]]

I got contacts in high school but did not get a pair of glasses until about two years ago and have never gotten completely used to wearing them. So, I am looking for a new pair of frames that I can wear out and feel comfortable. This is not an easy task, but several online shops around the web, such as Warby Parker and Bon Look, make it a bit easier to browse. I wish Bon Look offered an at home try on program like Warby Parker though! I currently have my first five pairs at home (from WP), but am not particularly thrilled with any of them, so I am going to send them back and order a new trial set asap. Fingers crossed this time.

favorites from bon look
[[ hooverville, red / smoking hot, gray face / smoking hot, caramel face / hooverville, brown. ]]

currents from warby parker
(my favorites are the webb & colton, which i am going to try in different shades for round II)
[[ sinclair, burgundy fade / owen, striped chestnut / webb, amber / colton, sandalwood matte / miles, amber. ]]

favorites for round II from warby parker
[[ colton, whiskey tortoise / finn, amber / zagg, tennessey whiskey / zagg, striped chestnut / preston, sandalwood matte / preston, whiskey tortoise / webb, whiskey tortoise matte / webb, amber / finn, amber / colton, hazelwood. ]]