Monday, January 23, 2012

floodage update

Sorry for no post Friday, I was working on some logo design and couldn't pull myself away. I will throw up my weekend adventures tomorrow, but since I have them I figured I would post a few more flood themed pictures. The craziness is mostly over now, but last week was a little surreal to say the least, especially when we were literally secluded from Northtown and had to run to 7/11 for some bread and water since there is no grocery store on this side of the bridge. By Friday afternoon most everything had opened up and I made it in to work after taking care of a few flood related complications with our house. Since I work right on the waterfront downtown I thought I would walk along the river after work to snap a few photos of how high it is. I wish I had a comparison for you, but normally there is about a twenty foot drop before the water. And do not let the pictures fool you, that water was moving fast and carrying trees down with it.

[[ pictures along the waterfront in downtown corvallis. the bottom picture is my favorite spot, a little platform over the water, but it was not safe to go down there this time. ]]

(Ok, I promise I will really stop talking about the weather now).